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Ars Electronica Festival Garden NYC, 2021

Presented by XRE and Culture Lab LIC
September 8-12, 2021

A New Digital Deal


The New Digital Deal is a portal where XRE extends our collective realities for you and with you as we learn how to dialogue even when we are different.

We ask the question: How can technology be an ally for healing in 2021 especially after 2020 in America?

The Extended Reality Ensemble (XRE) is an international interdisciplinary artist collective, curating the inaugural large-scale Ars Electronica Festival Garden NYC 2021 from September 8-12 at Culture Lab LIC. Co-curators are NFT gallerist Vizmesh and the artist collective Never Knows Better.

Embracing art, technology and society, the festival goes global this year, led by the theme “A New Digital Deal.” We reflect on the technological promises made to us and try to rethink the foundations of the digital world, to reconcile it with our current reality and to explore it as it intersects with culture and society. 

The Ars Electronica Festival Garden NYC is a portal to different realities, diverse communities and immersive experiences: See live showcases by cutting edge performers, poets, dancers and musicians connecting the worlds of AR and VR with physical reality. Become a part of an interactive audio reactive visual sculpture. Get enchanted by audio visual performances of top notch creative coders. Visit the future of exhibitions: an NFT gallery. Tune in to panel discussions via streaming or join live with your avatar! Talk to the performers during the Q&A and start a dialogue. Explore magical sculptures and portals with your Smartphone in the AR sculpture garden. 

XRE has a bold vision of how to bring communities together in our new reality. Audience bubbles became more separated by and during the pandemic. We want to bring these bubbles back together. So we are working with artists with different cultural and social backgrounds. Audience accessibility is also very important to us. It is a big component of dismantling white supremacy in the age of Covid and Racial Injustice. To solve this problem we’re bringing the audience as close as possible to our work. We are doing this by bringing the audience as close as we can to themselves. If we, the creators, can be changed by our work, our audience can too. Together we can acknowledge the realities of life and the joy of diversity within it, rather than ostracize one another for different perspectives.


AR Sculpture Garden  -  Exhibition

Wednesday, September 8 through Sunday, September12 (all day)

Enhanced Poetry  - Performances, Q&A

Wednesday, September 8 & Saturday, September 11 (6-8:30pm)

Enhanced Poetry Kids  - Workshop

Sunday, September 12 (12-2:30pm)

Conscious Community  -  Performances, Q&A

Thursday, September 9 & Friday, September 10 (6-8:30pm)

The Meta-Menagerie  -  NFT Gallery

Thursday, September 9 & Friday, September 10 (4-6pm), Saturday, September 11 (6:30-9pm)

Live In The Cube  -  Interactive Installation 

Wednesday, September 8 , Thursday, September 9 & Friday, September 10 (8:30-9pm)

Kids In The Cube  -  Building A Sound Sculpture

Sunday, September 12 (2:30-3pm)

International Portals  -  Exhibition

Sunday, September 12 (10am-12pm)

NKB x Ars Electronica  -  Performances 

Wednesday, September 8 through Saturday, September 11 (9-11pm)

A New Digital Deal  -  Panel Discussions

Wednesday, September 8 & Saturday, September 11 (TBC between 3pm - 6pm)

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