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While traditional theatre productions are currently postponed as a result of COVID-19, we are accepting proposals for in-development work and non-traditional performances that abide by social distancing guidelines. If you would like to submit a proposal, please get in touch by emailing us at

The Culture Lab Theatre Project

let's make some theatre!

Culture Lab & The Plaxall Gallery are passionate about making art happen! We aim to support existing and emerging theatre companies by providing an affordable place for you to mount and create your work in a supportive environment. 

You can submit a proposal for consideration in one of two ways:

1. Producing Work with Culture Lab at The Plaxall Gallery

- A two week run (8 shows, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun at 8pm) in main theater space

- Access to our lighting equipment in its current grid
- Access to our sound system
- A 60/40 door split of profits
- Free rehearsal space when available
- Tech assistance available for $30/hour
- $20 an hour fee (3 hour minimum) for Plaxall staff during any public performance

You should aim to produce with us if you are an existing company who wants to sell tickets to a traditional two week, 8 show run.

2. Developing Work with Culture Lab at The Plaxall Gallery

- A Three day run (Mon, Tues and Wed) in main theater space
- The performances should be free to the public or "pay what you can afford"
- Free rehearsal space when available
- Three one-hour consultations with our performing arts department
- Access to our sound system
- $20 an hour fee (3 hour minimum) for LiC-A staff during any public performance.

If you are an emerging theatre company or artist developing new work, your production is low-tech, and you are looking for free rehearsal space and a venue to do a 2 to 3 day workshop (Mon-Wed), you should apply for our Developing Work program.

Your proposal should include a synopsis of your project, information about the producing body, links to your past work, resumes of artists signed onto the project, and a brief explanation of why you would like to produce your work at The Plaxall Gallery. 


Help us so we can continue to help the community...

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