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Invest In Your Community!

We are so excited to announce that we've reached our "Giving Tuesday" goal of $5,000!  But it's not over! We still need to reach our full $25k goal by the end of the year.


All donations will be single matched through the end of the year. That means your $25 donation becomes $50. We are verrrry lucky to have this matching fund, so please help put it to the best use.


Please consider contributing a tax-deductible donation to support your local Arts & Culture Center!

Culture Lab is a non-profit arts center formed to bring accessible high quality art of all genres to our community. We support local artists by providing rehearsal, performance and exhibition space, as well as a robust residency program.

Culture Lab is more than a venue, it is a heartbeat of Long Island City!

Your donation will support Culture Lab's FREE programming! Music concerts, art exhibitions, artist residencies, cultural events, community support, and more!

Select a payment tier and make your donation below...






Other Amount

Thank you for your continued support, whether you do so by attending our events, volunteering with us, donating to our campaigns, or lending your artistic talents!

Questions about donations? Contact:

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