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Culture Lab LIC is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the development of art, theater, music and community services in Western Queens. The 12,000-square-foot converted waterfront warehouse is donated by Plaxall Inc. and is home to three art galleries, a 90 seat theatre, outdoor event space and is located on the Anable Basin in Long Island City.


Over the years, The Plaxall Gallery has become an important institution for the surrounding artistic community.


First and foremost, Culture Lab exists to directly support groups and individuals making a positive difference in our community. May that be in the arts, children’s services, education, the environment, or entertainment.


A huge part of our mission is to provide free space to other nonprofit organizations. We support them with technical needs, community outreach, staffing, scheduling and most of all, keeping this amazing space available for their use!


We are passionate about serving the needs of the community. We support a huge number of individual artists, dance and theatre companies, and nonprofit and community-centered organizations. We provide space for exhibitions, live performances, art classes, community fundraisers and events of all kinds. However, we feel the most valuable commodity we provide is a safe, welcoming venue for these groups to find a sense of community.


During the COVID-19 crisis, Culture Lab has pivoted to function as a donation drop-off and food distribution center, becoming a key link in the chain connecting food sources to hungry people in Queens. The initiative, taken on with other local nonprofits, including LIC Relief, Brighter Bites, The Connected Chef, City Harvest, and Queens Together, has already delivered needed food to thousands of food insecure families.


Our presence as an arts institution in LIC, and the support we provide to the community is going to be invaluable after our stay at home order is lifted. We will be here to support our community of artists, and keep art alive in LIC!

Help us so we can continue to help the community...


at The Plaxall Gallery

5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City, New York, NY 11101

(Enter via uncovered parking lot entrance  through door above staircase.)

View Map for Directions

Outdoor Performance Space Hours:
Thursday - Monday, 5-6pm

(Weather Permitting)

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,

the indoor gallery is temporarily closed to the public.

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​Culture Lab LIC, Inc. is a non-profit arts advocacy organization

founded by artists and incorporated in 2019 in Long Island City, New York

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