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2023 Emergence ARTIST Residency Program 

Culture Lab LIC welcomes six new artists as a part of our Emergence Residency Program.

Culture Lab LIC's Emergence Artist Residency Program offers artists & companies free rehearsal and performance space to develop and produce new work. This winter residency program awards space to 6 artists/companies across all performing arts disciplines to develop new work between February and April. Artists will have an opportunity to connect with a mentor in their chosen medium, and a platform to showcase their work in progress on Culture Lab LIC's website and social media. Work created at Culture Lab LIC will be showcased at Culture Lab LIC in the spring. Workshop shows will range from theater, music, dance, performance art, circus, puppetry, etc., as long as the work is performed live.

We're honored to have these talented folks in our space, and we can't wait to help produce the work they create.




Writer/ Director Genee Coreno joins us with credits serving as Company Manager to The Public Theater and Big Dance Theater; Artistic Associate, Line Producer, and Assistant Director at Ripe Time and Marketing Intern at Third Rail Projects. She brings the piece Outside to develop at Culture Lab.

Outside follows January June's surreal passage through a rural landscape, following an extreme climate event, where she encounters a wolf and famed Americana entertainers: Annie Oakley the Wing-Shot and May Wirth the Bareback Rider -- inspired by filmmaker Maya Deren and artist Kiki Smith, Outside, is an American tale, one that rides the intersections of gender, sexuality and climate change through puppetry, original music, and film.




Transforma is a New York based not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization with a mission to create interactive theatrical experiences at the convergence of consciousness, science and ritual. Transforma tackles how scientific ideas and metaphysical knowledge about consciousness overlap and explore it in the arena of interactive theater.


Their piece at Culture Lab LIC is  titled BIOADAPTED, employs texts about AI and generated by GPT-3. Audience members will participate by wearing EEG headsets which will generate BCI (brain-computer-interface) instructions for the movement of actors as human marionettes in flying systems. In the grand finale the audience will put GPT-3 on trial and interrogate it directly in real time.ican theater back to life on stage.





Praised for her ability to capture sonic depth and experimentation while showing her command of a band and audience with live performance. Chanel Andrews is a flexible, multi-skilled musician, storyteller, and songwriter.


Andrews brings a performance piece centered around characters that only allow themselves to be profoundly tender, erotic, and romantic between the hours of midnight and 3 am, a reflection of their many years of being in NA meetings, and then consequently, making a makeshift support group with friends during late nights instead of being out partying. A haunting perspective of lost futures informing our very present.




Reynaldo Piniella is an actor, writer, activist and educator from East New York, Brooklyn. Afro Borinqueño will be a solo theater piece about Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, who the New York Public Library named their Center for Black Research after. Regarded as the foremost historian and collector of African artifacts, Schomburg was told at the age of seven that there were no famous Black historical figures for him to study.


The diasporic journey that ensued will take us from the Caribbean, to the frontlines of the fight for Cuban and Puerto Rican independence, to the streets of New York City during the Harlem Renaissance. With guest appearances from Billie Holiday, Langston Hughes and W. E. B. DuBois, this coming of age story will make us celebrate our shared history and inspire us to continue his work.





Dillon and Caps are an emerging musical theater writing duo based in NYC. Sam Caps (she/her) is a composer, lyricist, and member of the BMI Lehman Engel Workshop whose work explores the intersection of pop, folk and contemporary musical theater. Annie Dillon (she/her) is a writer and theater artist with a passion for bringing a queer lens to classic stories. Both graduated with a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance from NYU Steinhardt, where they met and began their collaboration. They bring “Show Me Eternity” to Culture Lab, a new musical about everlasting love and erasure of queer identity. It tells the long-hidden love story of Emily Dickinson and Sue Gilbert through a folk-pop score and bewitching poetry, while exploring Emily's legacy and the intimate conflict surrounding the publishing of her work.




Taiwo Aloba is a New York-based multi-disciplinary artist originally from Nigeria. She was educated at Lagos State University in Lagos, New York Film Academy in New York, and Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire. She is a member of the Dramatist Guild and a USRSA Certified Run Streaker.

She brings Eyo Adimu Orisha Play to Culture Lab. Through dance, ceremonial drumming, chant, authentic costumes, and music, Eyo Adimu Orisha Play conveys the extraordinary depth and breadth of genuine Yoruba culture and brings the magnificence of the origins of African theater back to life on stage.

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