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OUR supporters

Special thanks to the following organizations and

individuals for their continuing support:

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Our Supporters
Additional Support Provided by

Ford Foundation 

Jack Weisberg Foundation

The Olson Family

Robert & Dolores Charitable Gift Fund

Culture Lab LIC Members


Gareth Brennan
Paul Katcher


Karen Chesley
Chris Cuzme
Jack Howard-Potter
Heather Irobunda
Dave Richardson
Ellen Scherberth
Amaurys Valdez


Tori Albert
Tara Carolan 
Candice Colucci
Chris Cox
Sumantro Das
Rob Dearborn 
Milton Eleftheriou
Fred Gibbons
Allie Haake
Ian Hatchn
Rebecca Hornstein
Pat Irwin
Tony Johnson 
LaLena Luna 
Eric Morris 
Chris Nikkel 

Becca Olinger

Dan Olson

Maria C. Perdigon
Jo Ramseyer
Bob Roher
Shawn Salehezadeh
Mark Tucker
Abby Wohl

Nick Scala
Ivan Schwarz
Sharon Taylor
Dave Tereshkow
Chris Todd
Ben Vargas
Robert Watts 
Laurie & Michael Woods
Liz Young


Anna Abelians
Nick Andrews
Keith Arias
Lili Arkin
Ulrich Atz
Chuck Baker
Gary Blatt
Matthew Burcaw
Xan Cambeiro
Megan Carpentier 
Nicholas Catino
Min Chen
Jeeyoon Chung
Nicole Cox
Julia Crouse
Lori Cuisinier
Elliott Emily Davis
Brian Dias
Heather Dunn
Erich Eminhizer
Lynn Farrell
Karen Fitzgerald
Jason Foster
Brian Frankel
Judy Friedberg
Mike Garcia
Ted Geier
Carrie Genrich
Matt Genrich
Angie Goncalves

Matthew Hanagan

Rory Horan
Michael Jacoby
Andrew Kapochunas
Adam Kassoff
Eva Korolishin
Meron Langsner
Patrick Long
Patrick Maks
Molly Mazilu
Alan and Mary Mendelsohn
Monica Mizhquiri
Joe Monteleone
Cathal Moore
Zoë Morsette
Bea Murphy
Edward Perez 
Joseph Pilla 
Mary Pinto

Ethan Powell
Ken Roberts
Cary Rose 
Nick Scala
Ivan Schwarz
Sharon Taylor
Dave Tereshkow
Chris Todd
Ben Vargas
Robert Watts 
Laurie & Michael Woods
Liz Young

Members - Culture Lab LIC

As a member of Culture Lab LIC, you directly support dozens of arts, cultural and neighborhood organizations enjoyed by the entire community. As a Thank You for your awesomeness, each of our membership levels offer something for everyone: $2 off drinks, early viewings to monthly exhibitions, artists talks, Culture Lab LIC swag, and discounts to theater, dance, music concerts, and special events. We have an exciting 2022 season ahead of us and we cannot wait to share it with you! 

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