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Solidarity & Safe Spaces

by Diverse Streets Initiative

Exhibition on View: March 4-26

Join us for the work of 11 artists:

Adriana Taboada, Bridget Bartolini, Cecilia Lim, Catherine Heller, Elliot Johnson, Erick Tehran, Kim Chan, Kyra Cuevas, Janine Wang, Nafisa Ferdous, Ron Hall, Robert Thibault (DJ TRS)


Anonymouslyاز Iran

An Exhibition Amplifying the Voices of Iranian Women

On view: February 9 - March 26

Opening Reception: February 9, 6-9pm.


Gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm.

Since the murder of Jina (Mahsa) Amini, the global art community has taken an active and important role in support of the “Woman Life Freedom” movement in Iran. Iranian women are leading the fight against an aging theocratic regime clinging to power. While the authoritarian regime has sought to subdue the Iranian people and its culture, it is Iranians that are quelling the regime.

​Art has been a form of resistance. We have witnessed artists, curators, museums, and galleries worldwide show their solidarity by creating, partnering and providing avenues to raise awareness of the ongoing revolution.

The aim of this exhibition is to amplify the voice of Iranians who are and have been bravely defying tyranny and protesting for their freedoms through the lens of art.

This exhibition, featuring sculptures, installations, paintings, digital media, and performance art, is a celebration of the incredibly courageous Iranian people, especially the women of Iran, and its culture.


In solidarity with the artists and people of Iran, due to the current oppressive climate in Iran, and the risks protesters, artists and their families face, all work from all artists (inside and outside of Iran) will be exhibited anonymously.

Free Admission.


Download Press Release (PDF)

Queer Conversations

at Anonymously از Iran


Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Saturday, March 11, 6-9pm


The Iranian Queer community has long been sidelined in the fight for freedom from the oppressive Islamic Regime in Iran. However, the time is now for the LGBTQIA+ community to be recognized as an important part of this fight...


6-7pm: Screening of the Iranian documentary, Gracefully, directed by Arash Eshaghi. Gracefully tells the story of a drag queen who had been performing on stage for decades up until the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Since the revolution, he has been banned from performing and now lives on a farm, spending most of his time farming and occasionally dancing for elderly people at nursing homes. 


7:15pm: Queer Conversations, a panel discussion with prominent LGBTQIA+ Iranian-Americans.

Read More and Get Tickets:

luminous OC_3NEONSHOW_2023-1_edited.jpg

Luminous: The Art of Neon

Curated by Kenny Greenberg

& Tess Howsam


On view: February 9 - April 30

Gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm.

Luminous: The Art of Neon, an exhibition inspired by the life and work of Long Island City local neon artist, Gerry Rose. 


The exhibition showcases the vibrant and dynamic world of neon art, featuring works that explore the medium's unique ability to capture and transmit light!

Featuring  neon artwork by:

Alissa Eberle
Brady Caldwell & Sam Smouha
Caroline LaCava
Chloe Kottwitz
Danielle James
David Ablon
Diane Hendry
Don Bruschi
Elysa D. Batista
Erin Taylor
Eve Hoyt
Graciela Cassel
James Akers
Jill Magid
Josef Pinlac
Joshua Ice
Kenny Greenberg
Kevin Scanlan
Molly Rose Levine
Jung Yun Choi
Norma Markley
Patrick Nash
Roger Borg
Sophia Wallace
Tom Unger
Tomas Penc
Gerry Rose

Read More (Press Release/PDF)

Read about the Gerry Rose Neon Art Silent Auction.

Gerry Rose

Neon Art Silent Auction

Place a Bid

Black Grey Abstract Blank Notepaper 8.5 x 11 Letter.jpg

Sculptures Guild presents

Past Tense/Future Infinite


Exhibition on view April 1-30 during gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm.


Art that reflects a new sensibility as we look toward the future with what we learned from these years of isolation. Humankind is looking ahead toward the future with a guarded sense of responsibility learned from the past. The pandemic revealed many hidden truths. It also taught us to seek our peace from within ourselves along with patience and contemplation. Cut off, we learned to be still and reflect. For some of us it was a time of fear, loneliness and separation. For others, it created an opportunity to be alone and discover ourselves—our strengths and our weaknesses. The works in this exhibition are related to that pause in time in which our confinement opened up a portal. You are invited to enter into this realm of balance, tranquility, and introspection.

Weather Report

Cristián Pietrapiana

Exhibition on view April 1-30 during gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm.

A selection of five years of work on climate change by LIC visual artist Cristián Pietrapiana. In this series of work on paper, the artist combines news, headlines, images, lines and painting that comment on the different aspects of our climate crisis. Included in the exhibition is a visual grid done by local students from MCHS after the artist led a three-day workshop on art & climate. 

AAPI Artists on Public Art

Panel Discussion

April 6, 6:30-8pm


Asian American Arts Alliance (A4) is pleased to present a panel discussion among AAPI artists across disciplines and orientations towards public art to discuss their perspectives and process. The panel will include Bahar Behbahani, Clae Lu, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, A young Yu, and Betty Yu, moderated by Shannon Lee, editor of The Amp. There will be time for Q&A.

This is part one of a two-part series on public art. In June 2023, A4 will be organizing a professional development workshop for artists looking to pursue a public art project. Follow A4 (@aaartsalliance) or sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

This event is FREE and open to the public. RSVP is required.

This location is ADA accessible. If you need ASL interpretation, large print, or any other accommodations for this event, please email at least one week before the event.

A young Yu, artist
Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, multidisciplinary artist
Bahar Behbahani, artist
Betty Yu, multimedia artist
Clae Lu, artist and musician
Moderator: Shannon Lee, editor of The Amp

Read More and RSVP:

News From Somewhere

by Tomek Miernowski


On view May 4-28 during gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm.

Opening Reception May 4, 6-9pm


News from Somewhere is a multimedia art installation that aims to provoke reflection upon social structures and power dynamics.


Using a touchscreen, the audience selects from a numbered list of societies and is immersed in the sonic results of a social study conducted by five world-class improvisers involved in movements for social justice, each of whom has chosen the sound arts as their primary form of artistic expression. The result is non-musical and anti-aesthetical; a sonic bridge that links the idea of society with physical creative collaboration, mutual aid, and evolution.

Today’s rapid environmental degradation and social upheavals demand new systems. The first step toward a new world is imagining it.


Participating Artists:

Jon Cowherd:

Tomek Miernowski:

Dan Rieser:

Tony Scherr:

mariette pathe allen  open call cllic  (1)_edited.jpg

Mariette Pathy Allen

Breaking Boundaries

50 Years of Images

Curated by Orestes Gonzalez & Jesse Egneres

On view June 1-30 during gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm.

Opening Reception: Friday, June 2, 6-9pm

Mariette Pathy Allen has been photographing the transgender community for over 40 years. Through her artistic practice, she has been a pioneering force in gender consciousness, contributing to numerous cultural and academic publications about gender variance and lecturing throughout the globe.

Presented as part of Culture Lab LIC's Pride Month celebrations, and in conjunction with Breaking More Boundaries, a group exhibit of work inspired by Mariette Pathy Allen.

Read More:

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