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The Plaxall Gallery

October, 2019

Painted Alice: The Musical

by William Donnelly and Michael Mahler

Alice is a painter who falls through her canvas into an art world wonderland!

Book by WILLIAM DONNELLY  Music & Lyrics by MICHAEL MAHLER  Directed by EDJO WHEELER  Music Supervision, Orchestrations and Arrangements by CONOR KEELAN  Musical Direction by JONATHAN BAUERFELD  Executive Produced by GREG SCHAFFERT




A new musical comedy, immersive theater experience performed LIVE at The Plaxall Gallery!

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July, 2019

Dirt [contained] Theatre Company presents

Crushing Baby Animals

Crushing Baby Animals is a semi-autobiographical original play that follows two millennial women as they accidentally open up a cosmic wormhole that sucks them through space, time and the human mind. This meta work takes us on an uncharted adventure through parallel dimensions and personal hells, facing the perils of the human psyche, and the absurd pitfalls of human identity. 


Crushing Baby Animals blends physical theatre, multimedia and a healthy dose of humor in a unique artistic experience. Coupling visual art and live theater, the play is performed amid a LIC Arts, Inc. fine art exhibition entitled “Welcome to the Universe,” themed specifically to coincide with the production.

Written and performed by Maria Swisher and Tana Sirois


Assistant Director: Landon Alexander

Associate Producer: Tori Titmas

Music by Marco Baratto

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October, 2019

Rude Grooms present

The Changeling

by Thomas Middleton & William Rowley

Actor-Manager Montogomery Sutton

An experimental and whimsical show about happenstance and hope. Four strangers meet in the cafeteria of a German Palace while a solar eclipse approaches to untangle what brought them there. Part installation, part theatre, All The Times I Did Not See Potsdam is a non-linear piece in eight languages exploring missed opportunities and the emotional maps we build for ourselves.

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January, 2020


by William Butler Yeats

Haunted by his past, a father returns to the ruins of his childhood with his only son to put his ghosts to a final rest...

A haunting verse play by the master poet, W.B Yeats, Purgatory tells the tale of a forbidden love, a ruined estate, a terrible crime and a father's struggle for redemption.


Starring: Louisa Pancoast, John Amedro and Michael Johnson

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August, 2019

Little y presents

All the Times I Did Not See Potsdam

by Heloise Wilson

An experimental and whimsical show about happenstance and hope. Four strangers meet in the cafeteria of a German Palace while a solar eclipse approaches to untangle what brought them there. Part installation, part theatre, All The Times I Did Not See Potsdam is a non-linear piece in eight languages exploring missed opportunities and the emotional maps we build for ourselves.

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August, 2019

Adirondack Shakespeare Company Presents


"Fair is foul, and foul is fair." Macbeth encounters three weyard sisters who prophesy that he will one day be king of Scotland.


Ties of kinship, friendship, and love unravel with terrifying speed in Adirondack Shakespeare Company's new production of this supernatural tragedy.

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June, 2019

Peace, a Massacre, and the Umbrella

directed by Ali Jamali.

2 Actors, 6 Contemporary Scenes and 63.617251 square feet of playing space. (A tiny rug.)

A casual night of stripped scenework featuring Chessa Metz and Jay William Thomas, benefitting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

Scenes Directed by: 
Alex Bodine 
Austin Spero 
Coleman Ray Clark 
Sean Harris 
Tony Jenkins 
Vicky Siegrist 

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June, 2019

Peace, a Massacre, and the Umbrella

directed by Ali Jamali.


The production is directed by Ali Jamali with a cast featuring Isaac J. Conner, Marie Dinolan, Louise Heller, Ali Jamali, Ben Jorgensen, Feryal Kilisli, Andy Lachman, Anuj Parikh, Giselle Samson, and Danny Schwarz.

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April, 2019


A Variety Drag & Burlesque Show

at The Plaxall Gallery

A night of deliciously good fun!



• The Great Fairy Venus Celestina
• Riley J
• Scarlett Cerise
• Poppy Pills

Cara Antoinette, Headlining

Hosted by Liv Dangerously and Otter Lee Fun!

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March, 2019

The Tempest by Wm Shakespeare

Presented by The Secret Theatre

Producer Stephanie Wilson & Artistic Director/Producer Richard Mazda present an immersive production of The Tempest, performed in the Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City, NY.

The production features an Ariel on silks, a dance company, projections, and a huge playing area where scenes will move around the space with the audience following the action.

Directed by Owen Thompson, the production incorporates a dance company choreographed by Shoko Tamai of Ninja Ballet, and projection design by Sadah Espii Proctor.


The play contains music and songs that evoke the spirit of enchantment on the island.

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February, 2019

Seven League Boots Presents

Bottom's Dream!
(a Midsummer Actor’s Nightmare)

Bottom’s Dream! (a Midsummer Actor’s Nightmare), is an hour-long original and immersive adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Andy Schneeflock, performing February 13-24 at The Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City. 

Produced by Seven League Boots, in partnership with Long Island City Artists, Inc., this new adaptation by Jennie Brown and Leigh Anne Poulos incorporates 7LB’s signature Pop Up Shakespeare style into an interactive en-promenade exploration of Shakespeare's classic.

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January, 2019

"The Lift Off"

A New Play Series from The Navigators, a Science Fiction Theater company with a clear feminist perspective.

The Navigators’ mission is to incubate and produce Science Fiction Theater with a clear feminist perspective. We are dedicated to elevating female driven stories in a genre dominated by men by empowering female-identifying playwrights, producers, directors, designers, and actors in our productions. We seek to engage new audiences, realize new and daring realities, and expand the boundaries of what theater can achieve by fully exploring sci-fi on stage

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January, 2019

"Splendid Devils"

Written and performed by

Leigh Anne Poulos
Directed by Leigh Walter

Through a trio of intimate conversations, Splendid Devils gives voice to three real artists who, though pioneers in their respective fields, had all fallen into relative obscurity by the time of their deaths. Inspired by the lives and work of these women as they navigated the cultural landscape of the early 20th century, Poulos finds timely relevance in their struggles, questioning the attainability and sustainability of freedom from social convention and the price of seeking to live a life that defies expectation.

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January, 2019

Rude Grooms Presents

"Twelfth Night"

a unique Twelfth Night celebration where a traditional Twelfth Night cake determines who plays what role in Shakespeare’s beloved comedy. 

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October, 2018


a ritual poetry performance

by Audrey Dimola

"PROVENANCE is the intersection between the journey to love; the journey to self, which is also to god; and the journey to make peace with the darkness.

part ritual, part poetry, part music, part movement- it is an exploration of the viscerality of want. how it drives us, transforms us. ‘the wanting creature.’ its connections to love, sex, spirit, and mental illness. and how, if we push far enough- this grief-filled longing becomes ecstatic, transcendent, holy- a means for return to true self, a return to god. 

In dedication to my beloved nana louiseann polidoro on the 7 year anniversary of her passing"

– Audrey Dimola


audrey wildfire dimola
steven t. licardi
kymberly nolden
matthew toth
& introducing riley batson

sound & stage manage by dominick dimola
set & props assist by april dimola

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Watch 'Providence' in its entirety below.

October, 2018

Rude Grooms presentsThe
The Witch of Edmonton

By Thomas Dekker, John Ford, and William Rowley

The Witch of Edmonton is an unnerving tragicomedy inspired by the true story of Elizabeth Sawyer, a woman accused of witchcraft during the reign of James I. Mistreated by her neighbors and abandoned by her community, Elizabeth turns to supernatural powers to aid her in her revenge against her tormentors. Though they may at first appear virtuous, everyone in this small town has something to hide and Elizabeth has just the thing to sniff them out… A thrilling, contemporary rendition of the play, complete with games to interact and drink along with the people of Edmonton.

Creative Team
Clint Allen (Dog)
Bridget Bose (choreographer)
Devon Glover (Cuddy Banks)
Emma Montoya Hills (Associate Producer)
Adriane Moreno (Susan) 
Will O’Hare (Sir Arthur)
Kate Pitt (Actor-Manager, Kate) 
Deb Radloff (Elizabeth Sawyer)
Yael Reich (Winnifred)
Eric Simpson (Warbeck & Fidler)
Montgomery Sutton (Frank)

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July, 2018

Stripped Scripts presentsThe
Stupid Fucking Bird

By Aaron Posner

Directed by Adam Knight

Stupid Fucking Bird, written by Aaron Posner, reimagines Chekhov’s classic text as a contemporary artist’s journey attempting to find new forms of art by living in this present moment. The characters’ stories are at once hysterical, tragic and cathartic as they desperately attempt to find out what it means to be an artist.


This meta-theatrical experience, grounded in the disappointment inherent in growing up in the world we live in today, asks the question: Art, Love Happiness… can we have it all?

THE CAST of STUPID FUCKING BIRD features OLIVIER RENAUD (Cirque De Soliel), JAY WILLIAM THOMAS (”Dementia 13”), MARY RUTH BAGGOTT (“Brokers”), TANA SIROIS (“Broad Comedy”), DAVID LEEPER (“At The Flash”), ALLISON THREADGOLD (“Tomorrow In The Battle”) and DONAL BROPHY (“Sleep No More”).

AARON POSNER (Playwright) is an American playwright, theatre director, and co-founder of the Arden Theatre Company in Philadelphia. He has previously adapted The Chosen based on a novel of the same name, My Name Is Asher Lev, based on Potok’s 1972 novel. He has adapted Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya (titled Life Sucks) and Three Sisters titled (No Sisters).

ADAM KNIGHT (Director) is co-founder of the Off-Off Broadway Slant Theatre Project, where he has produced 25 world premieres and worked with artists such as Lucy Alibar, Bekah Brunstetter, Adam Rapp and Mat Smart. NYC credits include projects with Cherry Lane, Ensemble Studio Theatre, aMios Theatre, Poetry Project, Drilling Company, The Tank, 59E59, Roust Theatre Company and HERE Arts Center. Regionally, he has worked at Folger Shakespeare Theatre, Warehouse Theatre, Millbrook Playhouse, PURE theatre, WaterTower Theatre and Williamstown Theatre Festival.

THE DESIGN TEAM includes artwork by Paola Martinez Fiterre, lighting design by Eric Goodman, and stage management by Didi Marrero and Marissa Riggs.

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“Sirois is alternately heartbreaking and delightful...


Renaud (is) like some virtuoso gene-splice of Jack Lemmon and John Cleese...

David Leeper radiates melancholy insight and honest solitude...

"Donal Brophy is irresistible as the burrito of rakish remoteness and manipulative humility..."

​– Adam McGovern,

WINNER: Outstanding Revival of a Play
Innovative Theatre Award 2019

August, 2018

Rude Grooms NYC present

William Shakespeare'sThe
Much Ado About Nothing

Marie Louise Guinier*
Sibel Damar
Dhruv Iyengar
Daniel Kemper
Laura Piccoli
Deb Radloff*
Joseph Robinson*
Amanda Rojas
Eduardo Ruiz
Montgomery Sutton*
Molly Thomas    
Actor-Manager: Laura Piccoli

Book-Holder: Kate Pitt
Master of Music: Kara Arena
Master of Movement: Bridget Bose
Assistant Producer: Calley Luman

* Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association. Equity approved Showcase.

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September 22-25, 2017

Cotton Candy and Cocaine


Cotton Candy and Cocaine takes place in Las Vegas's hottest up-and-coming attraction - Tad Park's Vegas, a glitzy commercial avenue a mile past the renowned Strip.  Meet the waiters, bartenders, drag queens, buskers, former prostitutes, costumed characters and others who live to entertain us in this 360-surround experience that pits the denizens of the old Las Vegas against the newcomers who want to revitalize their neighborhood -- all while giving us the time of our lives. Its Old Guard vs. New Guard in this electro-pop musical/dance/libation-lathered party that invites us to join in the fun and be swept up in the sex, dirt and glitter that is Vegas on vacation.

Book & Lyrics: EllaRose Chary
Music & Lyrics: Brandon James Gwinn
Director: Carlos Armesto
Music Director: Billy Thompson
Choreographer: Esther Widlanski

Featuring: Courtney Bassett, Jose Candelaria, Ryan Cassatta, Hannah Rose de Flumeri,  Jen Fouché,  Dylan Hartwell, Daniel K. Isaac, Azudi Onyejekwe, and Tori Scott  

With: Wesley Barnes, Lydia Ruth Dawson, Jake Haynie, Mia Kang, Melissa Strain, and Tony Williams II

July-August, 2017

Dirt [contained] and LIC-A present

 Garden of Delights

by Fernando Arrabal


Diving head first into the psyche of a tortured artist, Dirt [contained] Theatre Company takes you on a promenade immersive journey through a transformed warehouse gallery and into the surreal depths of human imagination. 

"Garden of Delights" follows Lais, a charming, yet self-loathing actress, through a bizarre and unflinching look at her sadomasochistic experience of love and art. Isolated in her home with only her caged beast-like partner and flock of childish sheep to protect her from the outside world, she spirals down into painful memories and erotic fantasies that blur the line between reality and imagination.

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