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artist in residence

Jonathan Lev

Born and raised in Israel in 1957, I have been drawing since I remember myself. After my compulsory military service, I left bag-packing in Europa. In Amsterdam, I met and worked briefly for Karel Appel and attended classes at Rijks Academy. In 1981 I moved to NYC  where I took classes at SVA. In New York, I found my home and I have lived here on and off ever since. A member of 55 mercer, IS1 Artists Cooperatives, and LIC-A at The Plaxall Gallery have been exhibiting my work there in addition to other venues.


The residency at The Plaxall Gallery has been a lifeline for me. After losing my studio of the last 21 years to gentrification, I was unable to find a studio I could afford. I was also unable to work at the small apartment I am sharing with my wife and teenage son.


All the work shown here was enabled, conceived and executed thanks to this residency.

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