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We have an exciting month of art, music & theater coming up at Culture Lab LIC... 

We have great new art exhibits and live performances for you to experience, including Shattered,  LIVE! at Culture Lab LIC, Nice One! Comedy, Music for Healing, Noir Nights, Tied Up & Twisted, Synchronicity and Third Law.

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If you love what we do here at Culture Lab and you want to be a part of it,  here are three great ways to help...

We now have new monthly membership options available for more sustainable support levels for both us and you!  Members not only receive awesome perks but are the backbone to making art happen here! Without our community’s support, our extensive art and cultural programming would not be possible. We can’t thank you all enough, and we hope you will join us as Family this year!

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Calendar of Current & Upcoming Events

Indonesian Night Market

Pasar Malam at Culture Lab LIC
Saturday, May 18, 2-9pm

Enjoy yummy authentic Indonesian Food, live music and film starting at 2pm!

Free Admission. 

Tickets (Donations Appreciated):


Third Law

Third Law is an interactive theatrical experience, working to maximize audience agency and bring them into the heart of art making using technology.


Through a digital game board, the audience has the unique opportunity to shape the world of the play and the characters in it, collaborating with the artists and each other to co-create a performance that can only happen live and in person. Combining high-concept art installation design with performance and gameplay, Third Law brings us together in space in a visceral and dynamic way - and it’s never the same twice.

Performed by:

Shani Matoaka Bekt

Sam Hood Adrain

Megan Mariko Boggs

Pablo Calderón-Santiago

James Clements

Melannie Vásquez Lara

Directed by Coral Cohen

Stage Managed by Skye Pallo Ross

Lighting Design by Jacqueline Scaletta

Sound & Video Design by Cosette Pin

Set Consulting by Jessica Cancino

Press by Emily Owens PR

Produced in partnership with What Will the Neighbors Say?

Third Law was developed in part during a BRIClab Residency at BRIC (Brooklyn, NY). This work was made in part with the help of Theater Mitu’s Artists-At-Home program and is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council as well as with funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.

Third Law (c) Paris Marcel_edited.jpg


Thursday, May 9, 7pm & 8:30pm
Friday, May 10, 7pm & 8:30pm
Saturday, May 11, 2pm, 4pm & 7pm
Sunday, May 12, 2pm & 4pm

Thursday, May 16, 7pm & 8:30pm
Friday, May 17, 7pm & 8:30pm
Saturday, May 18, 2pm, 4pm & 7pm
Sunday, May 19, 2pm & 4pm

Thursday, May 23, 7pm & 8:30pm
Friday, May 24, 7pm & 8:30pm
Saturday, May 25, 2pm, 4pm & 7pm
Sunday, May 26, 2pm & 4pm

third law
unnamed (1)_edited.jpg


Free, live outdoor music is back at Culture Lab LIC, from our newly named Malt Drive Stage sponsored by TF Cornerstone!

Click Here to see what's coming up!

Shattered: A Visual Journey Through the Mind
Curated by Dawn DeVito

On view May 2-June 2 during gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm. Free Admission. Opening Reception May 2, 6-9pm.

Shattered is an exploration of the human experience, shedding light on the complexities of mental health through the lens of artistic expression. Each stroke of the brush, every carefully crafted sculpture, and the vibrant hues on display tell stories of resilience, vulnerability, and the triumph of the human spirit.

This exhibition is not merely a collection of artworks; it's a visual journey through the labyrinth of the mind. As you navigate the gallery, you'll encounter pieces that challenge stigmas, celebrate victories, and offer a profound insight into the diverse spectrum of mental health experiences.

Shattered is a collective effort to destigmatize mental health, fostering understanding and empathy. Join us in this immersive experience, where creativity becomes a powerful tool for connection, fostering a community that values and nurtures the well-being of every individual. Together, we illuminate the path toward compassion, breaking down barriers and fostering a world where mental health is not just understood but embraced with open hearts and open minds.

Music for Healing

Angelica Olstad's Music for Healing, an immersive installation presented within this exhibition, combines the power of music with science-backed healing modalities.


The project - backed by a $10,000 NYSCA grant - explores new ways to connect through a set of different modalities and practices that explores the installation space as an opportunity to connect through a shared experience.

Read More



by Adrien Marçais

On view May 2 - July 28 during gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm. Part of LIC Arts Open. Free Admission. 

"In my artistic exploration, I am captivated by the phenomenon of synchronicity, where seemingly unrelated events align in meaningful ways. Through my work, I aim to capture the delicate dance between chance and intention, weaving together elements of serendipity and design. Drawing inspiration from Jungian psychology and Eastern philosophy, I delve into the interconnectedness of all things, exploring the harmonious rhythms that underlie the fabric of existence. By intertwining disparate elements in my compositions, I invite viewers to contemplate the mysteries of synchronicity and the profound beauty found in the synchronistic moments of our lives." -Adrien Marçais


Music For Healing: Angelica Olstad

Thursday, May 30, 7pm: Adult Yoga Practice

Indulge in a blissful fusion of yoga and music led by yoga teacher and artist, Angelica Olstad. Designed for all levels, join Angelica Olstad as she leads a class focused on intelligent sequencing, mindful movement and breathwork to help release tension and restore balance.


As you move through each pose, let the enchanting melodies of minimal instrumental music bring you into a deeper state of calm. Bring your own mat, open for all levels!

Angelica Olstad is a classical pianist by training whose work spans across film, media art, installations, studio recordings, community programming, and multimedia performances. Her work is also informed by past experiences as a founder, yoga and meditation teacher, and community organizer for Pop Up Yoga NYC, a yoga events company that made yoga more accessible for New Yorkers, and as a corporate producer who’s worked with companies like Samsung, Meta, Reebok, and Google. 


Through different mediums, she invites audiences to reflect on intercultural belonging and the timelessness of the human experience. She is the recipient of a 2024 NYSCA Artist Grant for her project, Music for Healing. She has recently received multiple awards for her short film, An Awakening. Through her collaborations, events, and art projects, her work has been featured in Well + Good, Buzzfeed, Timeout NY, and the Wire.


Culture Lab After Dark presents

Nice One! Comedy

Thursday, May 30, 8pm 

NICE ONE! COMEDY, brought to you by Culture Lab After Dark, is a BOAST: Best of Astoria & LIC 2023 Award Winner for Best Standup Comedy Venue!


Enjoy New York City's seasoned and up and coming comics in the unique setting of our front gallery. Check out the art, enjoy live comedy!


Sponsored by QNSY Cocktails, providing a complimentary drink for every ticket so bring your friends!

Special thanks to our sponsors: Plaxall Inc, TF Cornerstone, MetLife, IndieSpace, Con Edison, Volume Industries, Astound Broadband,  Steve Madden, Cushman & Wakefield, HRA, M&T Bank, IPG, Wells Fargo Advisors, Cosmopolitan Houses, Gotham, TV Boy, Eventscape, Forrest Sound & Vision, Taylor Creative Inc

Nice One Comedy
Noir Nights Square-2_edited.jpg

Culture Lab After Dark presents

Noir Nights
An evening of burlesque with a vintage vibe!

Friday, May 31, 9-11pm

"Noir Nights" is an evening of seduction and allure, drawing inspiration from the mysterious and sophisticated ambiance of film noir.

Attendees are encouraged to embrace the evening’s dress code by wearing your most vintage attire.

"Noir Nights" is more than a performance; our performers bring you an immersive experience that invites the audience to step into the shadows of the glamorous past and our wicked wonderland of burlesque.

Adult Content Advisory.


Sound of Silent Film Festival
New short silent films screened with newly composed musical scores performed live!

Saturday, June 1, 8:15-9pm

Access Contemporary Music’s popular Sound of Silent Film Festival, now in its 19th year, is a unique event featuring new short silent films in every conceivable genre screened with newly composed musical scores performed live. This year’s program features three comedies, a dramedy, three dramas, three animated films, and a wildly inventive dance film, all with new scores performed live.

Free Admission. (Donations encouraged and appreciated.)

Pupup Poster_edited.jpg


Adoption & Dog Event


The dog days of summer will be here before you know it, and we're getting a head start! Join us on the first Sunday of every month for an afternoon filled with all the doggone fun featuring:

• Rotating local rescues!

Korean K9 Rescue

Badass Animal Rescue

Rescue City

Hearts and Bones Rescue

• Local dog product & food vendors (Vendors can register here.)

•  Doggy station with sprinklers, H2O, treats and swag!

Upcoming Dates:

June 2, 12-3pm
July 7, 12-3pm
August 4, 12-3pm
September 1, 12-3pm
October 6,12-3pm (Halloween Event)

Special thanks to our sponsors: Plaxall Inc, TF Cornerstone, MetLife, IndieSpace, Con Edison, Volume Industries, Astound Broadband, 

Steve Madden, Cushman & Wakefield, HRA, M&T Bank, IPG, Wells Fargo Advisors, Cosmopolitan Houses, Gotham, TV Boy, Eventscape, Forrest Sound & Vision, Taylor Creative Inc


Dance and Creative Movement
Sunday, June 2, 4-5pm

This children’s dance class will explore a warmup and movement activities encouraging children to be creative, expressive, and active.

Taught by an early childhood movement specialist, this dance class is geared towards children ages 3-6.


Each class will have a warmup and structured movement activities that are created to encourage children to express themselves through dance. A fun music playlist will accompany every class!

Copy of museumofmyheart_VIT_04_13_2024_border copy_edited.jpg

Museum of My Heart


Step into the Museum of My Heart, a captivating experience exploring the kaleidoscope of love, heartbreak, desire, and healing through interactive visual and audio storytelling.


This unique exhibition is presented as a free, three-day public event.

Join us on these dates:

Friday, June 28, 5-9pm
Saturday, June 29, 5-9pm
Sunday, June 30, 2-9pm


This work was made possible, in part, by the Franklin Furnace FUND supported by Jerome Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and the members and friends of Franklin Furnace Archive, Queens Arts Fund and Culture Lab LIC.

Museum of My Heart
Shattered Poster_edited.jpg

Culture Lab After Dark presents

Tied Up & Twisted: A Summer Fling

Saturday, June 8, 8-10pm

Embrace the art of the tease and get ready to be mesmerized by The Cabaret Burlesque! Join beauties from around the world in the Parisian-inspired interactive show that will tickle your fancy and transport you to a world of glamourous storytelling and sensual delights.

Starring Sarah Tracy as Margeaux Kisscurl

Stories featuring: Billie Hendricks, Jett Lenox, Roxy La Flor, La Dare Rière, Ginger Tease, Rosalie Bangs, Freddy Foxx, Vivien Rose, Georgia Gray, Ophelia A'dore, Honey Belle & Suzy Q. With guest appearances by Robert Taylor Jr., Chase Maxwell, Jenna Patch Keady, and Daniel Quintanilla.

Adult Content Advisory

293043561_440485594751963_4072645737759537576_n (1)_edited.jpg


Andy and Suzanna's

Children's Concert & Class

Sunday, June 16, 4-5pm

Sunday, July 28, 4-5pm

Join us for a lively family concert! Enjoy original tunes, classic favorites, & interactive fun with dancing & movement activities.

Got the weekend wiggles? Come sing and dance them away with Andy and Suzanna! With over 10 years of experience teaching musical enrichment classes for kids and caregivers across NYC, they bring a dynamic blend of original tunes, classic favorites, and interactive fun.


Enjoy bubbles, puppets, and harmonies in this unforgettable concert sure to entertain the whole family!

Andy & Suzanna


PinProductions Presents

Live Performance at Culture Lab LIC
Sunday, July 14, 3-4pm

MacGyver for kids! We follow Maite and Pepe as they solve problems and have fun using only recycled materials and their imagination. With each adventure they prove, once again, that “One person’s trash is another kid’s treasure!”

In this adventure, our imagination travelers have finally made it to the stage to meet all their new friends in the audience. But...OOPS! They brought the wrong bags. They brought trash bags. YUCK!

Instead of panicking they remember that before trash was trash it was something else and, “You have the power to change things all by yourself!”

All materials provided just bring your imagination!

New Project_edited.jpg

Afro-Andean Funk live at Culture Lab LIC!

Fusing Afro-Andean Culture & The Indigenous Quechua Language with American Funk, Rock and Pop!

Friday, July 26, 8-10pm

Get ready to experience a fusion like no other as Afro-Andean Funk takes the stage at LIC Culture Lab on Friday, July 26 at 8pm!

Led by Peruvian singer Araceli Poma and American music producer/bassist Matt Geraghty, Afro-Andean Funk is a dynamic duo that has been nominated for two Latin Grammys. Their music is a vibrant blend of Afro-Andean roots, world rhythms, and American funk, rock, and pop influences. 


Join us for a night of electrifying music and cultural celebration as Afro-Andean Funk transports you to a world where tradition meets innovation!

Art exCHANGE Malý Berlín x Culture Lab LIC Art exCHANGE  Slovakia x NYC  (1) (1)

arts exCHANGE: Malý Berlín X Culture Lab LIC


On View: July 11 - September 1 during gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm. Free Admission.

Opening reception: Thursday July 11, 6-9pm

Join us for a captivating art exhibition that transcends borders and brings together the creative voices of Slovakian and American artists. 

The exhibition features works by four Slovakian artists and four American artists. These artists will not only present preexisting art but will be challenged to create new collaborations across country and mediums. 

This dynamic collection of works spanning various mediums, styles, and themes offers a glimpse into the artist's unique perspective and cultural background.

Join us on this artistic journey as we celebrate the power of art to bridge divides and unite us in our shared humanity.

Art exChange

Tribute to Life

A Himalayan Art Exhibition at Culture Lab LIC

On View: September 5-22 during gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm. Free Admission.
Opening reception - Thursday, September 5, 6-9pm

This exhibition will showcase a rare combination of ancient Himalayan art and contemporary art, both of which share the evolving interpretations of ancient Buddhist philosophy that have inspired generations for thousands of years. Through artworks, audiences will draw from ancient Buddhist philosophy to find reverence for life in the present, prompting them to seek the meaning of life from contemporary perspectives and angles, and how we pay tribute to our own lives.

The exhibition is jointly curated by the Tibet Danba Raodan Thangka Art School (the most renowned gallery and the Top1 Thangka school) and the Karma Katri Thangka Art Center (both located in Lhasa, Tibet), with the participation of Contemporary Tibetan artists and Chinese well known artists residing in New York.

Danba Raodan Thangka Art School is founded by Mr. Danba Raodan, a renowned educator in Tibet, a professor at Tibet University (master's supervisor), a master of Tibetan Thangka art, and a national-level representative inheritor of the Tibetan Thangka Miantang tradition. Since its establishment in 1980, for over 40 years, rooted in the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and taking the inheritance of Tibetan Thangka as its mission, the school has adhered to a unique educational system and teaching methods, nurturing numerous Tibetan Thangka painters for public welfare free of tuition for 40 years. Many of them have become outstanding artists in the contemporary Tibetan Thangka art scene, becoming the backbone of contemporary Tibetan Thangka inheritance. The Danba Raodan Thangka Art School is widely recognized as the highest institution for Tibetan Thangka art education in the industry.

Image is a painting by: Tenzin Phuntsho Principal of Tenpa Rabten School of Tibetan Thangka Art Inheritor of Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage (Mian Tang), Member of China Artists Association, Vice President of Tibet Thangka Association

tribute to life

PinProductions Presents
Famous Lake Park

Saturday, November 30, 7-7:30pm at Culture Lab LIC

Take a comedic, half-hour, animated ride through Famous Lake Park, which like most things named famous, is not. The rides are outdated and dilapidated, the eccentric owner values amusement more than human life, and the riffraff staff has a debilitating morale problem. Oh yes, and the Lake is drying up due to global warming.

In an ode to American debauchery, Famous Lake Park is a jolly jaunt through the agonizing death of the American Dream.

Written by Susannah Dalton and Braden Greenawalt
Directed by José Ignacio Vivero and Susan Lambert

The production of Famous Lake Park is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

Free Admission (Donations Appreciated)

Famous Lakes
2024 Emergence

2024 Emergence Artist
Residency Program

Culture Lab LIC is excited to announce our 2024 Emergence Artist in Residence!

These diverse and exceptional performace based artists will be a part of Culture Lab LIC's New Works Festival coming this Fall!

Helixx C Armageddon 
Danie Kohn
House of Chow
Gaby Febland

Stay tuned for schedule, details and tickets!

Meet the People

  behind Culture Lab LIC...


Without our team, none of our programming would be possible. Catch a glimpse into the lives of the people who make up the Culture Lab team, and all of the beautiful qualities and characteristics they posses to "make art happen!"

And be sure to check out all the ways you can help make 2024 Culture Lab's best year ever! 

Culture Lab because...

Spring is Here!


And we find ourselves reflecting on the extraordinary journey we've had at Culture Lab LIC. Thanks to you, our mission to bring impactful art to Western Queens has flourished beyond our wildest dreams. Your contributions--whether through donations, volunteer efforts, or simply by spreading the word about our initiatives--have helped us to make a profound difference in the lives of artists and art lovers in our community. 

Your generous support not only fueled our programs but also directly impacted the artists we serve, providing them with invaluable opportunities and resources, and a platform to share their stories, visions, and inspirations with the world.

A Look Back at 2023

With your continued support in 2024, we aim to expand our reach, continue to present local and international artists, and further enrich our community through art.


Here are 3 ways you can help... 

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tess talks logoIMG_7907.png

Tess Howsam talks to the artists, performers & curators behind the events & exhibitions at Culture Lab LIC 

View the full playlist on Culture Lab LIC's YouTube Channel

tess talks

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We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who voted for us and to Boast NYC. We are committed to being a space where the community can enjoy arts and culture in all its forms.

Our ART GALLERY is open Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-10pm. Keep your eye on our social media for updates on our upcoming theatre, dance and comedy performances!

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As a member of Culture Lab LIC, you directly support dozens of arts, cultural and neighborhood organizations enjoyed by the entire community. As a Thank You for your awesomeness, each of our membership levels offer something for everyone: $2 off drinks, early viewings to monthly exhibitions, artists talks, Culture Lab LIC swag, and discounts to theater, dance, music concerts, and special events. We have an exciting season ahead of us and we cannot wait to share it with you! 

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