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Mariette Pathy Allen

Breaking Boundaries

50 Years of Images

Curated by Orestes Gonzalez & Jesse Egner

On view June 1- July 30 during gallery hours:

Thursday & Friday, 5-9pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 2-9pm.

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 3, 6-9pm

Mariette Pathy Allen has been photographing the transgender community for over 40 years. Through her artistic practice, she has been a pioneering force in gender consciousness, contributing to numerous cultural and academic publications about gender variance and lecturing throughout the globe.

Presented as part of Culture Lab LIC's Pride Month celebrations, and in conjunction with Breaking More Boundaries, a group exhibit of work inspired by Mariette Pathy Allen.

breaking more boundaries postcard corrected image-001_edited.jpg

Breaking More Boundaries

A Group Exhibit Inspired by the Work of Mariette Pathy Allen

Participating Artists

Barbara Alper
Nadia Bautista
Sean Black
Paola Chapdelaine
Huey-Min Chuang

Zackary Drucker
Jess T Dugan
Michael Espinoza
Paul Fauller
Benry Fauna
Imani Ford
Jesse Freidin
Ebenezer Galluzzo
Xinyi (Cindy) Gao
Donna Gray

Orestes Gonzalez

Keavy Handley-Byrne

Osheen Harruthoonyan

Maxwell Harvey-Sampson
Sayako Hiroi
Ali Hval
R.J. Kern
Ariel Kleinberg

Dean Kotula

Lily Kurtz

Meryl Meisler

Robin Michals

Shohei Miyachi

Natasha Moustache

Barbara Nitke

Duff Norris
Lina Pallotta
Krzysztof Pastuszka

Louka Perderizet

Luis Quintanal
Cai Quirk
William Riera
Daryl-Ann Saunders
Lynn Saville
AJ Schnettler
Elene Shengelia
Nick Simko
Evelyn Sosa
Kelsey Sucena
Harper Thomson
Icia Vazquez Rodriguez
Veronica Vera
Natalia Viteri
Martin Wannam 


Now you can purchase the exhibition catalog for Breaking Boundaries and Breaking More Boundaries...

The exhibition catalog for “Breaking Boundaries: 50 Years of Images” and “Breaking More Boundaries,” is now on sale. The exhibitions are on view at Culture Lab LIC through July 30. 

"Breaking Boundaries: 50 Years of Images" curated by Orestes Gonzalez and Jesse Egner.

"Breaking More Boundaries," juried by Orestes Gonzalez, Mariette Pathy Allen, and Jesse Egner.

Purchase the catalog by clicking the button below.

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