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artist in residence



Embracing the influence of her own upbringing and experience as well as that of mythology, psychology and science, Cait Davis creates artwork through stop-motion animation and sculpture. She sets her subjects in a range of landscapes from the darkly ominous to the candy colored.


Examining both the bizarre and the familiar, she engages in narratives that challenge notions of the “other,” encouraging a dialog between the audience and their own perceptions.


Her work has toured internationally in museums including the Museum House of Humour and Satire, Bulgaria and Museum Romeinse Katakomben, Netherlands and in film festivals such as Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany and GIPHY Film Fest, New York, NY.


Cait resides in Queens, NY where she owns a stop-motion animation studio, Springtime Jellyfish.

Recently, Cait did the stop-motion animation for the official video of Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World" from our gallery in LIC! 

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