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Lunar New Year 2024

Lunar New Year 2024
Saturday, February 10, 4pm EST

Come to Culture Lab LIC where you can experience fun games such as Mahjong, see exciting performances and gorgeous art!

As part of our month-long Year of the Dragon exhibition, guests will have the opportunity to participate in the DIY DragonZodiac. Made of PVC and transparent plastic stickers, this is the work of artist Xiangdong Shi. All guests participating in the event are invited to paste plastic stickers on the designed pattern area. The special, transparent and bright light effect heralds good fortune in the Year of the Dragon in 2024.

Enjoy fun games including Mahjong and participate in traditional dress up. Stay for the exciting live performances, you may even see a dragon making it's way through the gallery!

End the night with CrazyLaugh Comedy, the first Chinese stand-up comedy in the Greater New York area and a fast-growing non-profit Asian cultural exchange platform.

Tickets include one drink.

Sponsor & Gifts

- The best Hot Pot restaurant Xiang Hotpot sponsors $10 coupon to all guests.

- Softbite LIC Desert Shop sponsors Matcha or Coffee to all guests. (Redeem the drink with the event ticket at the store. Instagram:

- Famous Taiwanese Tea Shop TP-Tea sponsors coupons of discount. Address:36-41 Prince Street, Flushing

-Yabei Inc offers snacks and coupons for Asian snacks website:

- HANFU NYC sponsors gifts for best-dressed award (for those who wear traditional dresses in the event)

- Olala Design Store sponsors gifts for games at the event.

- Micro Painting Jewelry brand Tintintint offers art jewelry to new couples meet at the event.

- The honorary president of the Chinese Painting Society (US) gifts 300 of the Chinese calligraphy, “Fortune”, to the guests, first come first serve.


Special Thanks to



for their generous donation.

Featured Event No.1:
HANFU NYC will showcase beautiful Chinese traditional dresses

Founded in 2014, Hanfu New York Corporation (HanfuNYC) is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization representing overseas students and a new generation of Chinese immigrants who cherish traditional Chinese culture. Over the past decade, Hanfu, traditional Chinese attire, has become a unique symbol of cultural heritage. With periodic educational seminars, events, and cultural celebrations, HanfuNC creates a vibrant community that carries the new expression of Chinese youth's cultural confidence and opens a new window for the prosperity of global cultural exchange.

Featured Event No. 2:

We invite you to visit the “Year of the Dragon” group exhibition, featuring 52 Asian artists.


Co-hosted by Culture Lab and the Overseas Chinese Artists Association. Curated by Dr. Xiangdong Shi.


The exhibit is on view February 1 - March 24.

Opening reception: February 1, 6-9pm.

Featured Event No. 3:

Co-create art installation “Zodiac Dragon 2024”. Made by PVC and transparent stickers, artist Shixiangdong invites all guests to put on the stickers on the dragon. It forms a special, transparent and bright light effect indicating good luck in 2024, the Year of the Dragon.

Shi Xiangdong, artist, PhD in Fine Arts, founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art course. He graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts and the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University. He has won the Ikuo Hirayama Award, the Taki Fuji International Art Award from Japan, the collective award from the creative and design team of "The Ever Blooming Bauhinia" as a gift from the Chinese Central Government to Hong Kong, as well as the Nomination Award for the 90th Anniversary of Tsinghua University and the Art and Science International Works Exhibition.


In 2001, he was invited by the State Post Bureau of China to design commemorative stamps for the 21st Universiade. His works are collected by professional institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Beijing Municipal Government, and individuals at home and abroad. 


The Metropolitan Museum of Art study course initiated by Dr. Shi has been enthusiastically received. Participants have spread from the United States to China and Europe, making important efforts in spreading world culture and promoting aesthetic education.

Featured Event No. 4:

Live Performances and Artist Workshop

Calligraphy and jewelry artist workshop, DIY calligraphy and jewelries.

Teng Teng is a multi-disciplinary artist who works at the intersection of art and jewelry design. She graduated with an M.F.A. in Oil Painting from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. In 2016, Teng Teng moved to New York. Shortly after moving there she began her artist residency at Flux Factory and co-hosted a mini painting workshop with the Queens Museum. She has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions in New York, Shanghai, and Denmark. Recently she participated in New York Fashion Week in a collaboration with fashion designer Snow Xue Gao.



Featured Event No. 5:

The most influential overseas Asian comedy show club CrazyLaugh performs at 8pm.


CrazyLaugh Comedy, established in March 2022 in New York, has rapidly become the most influential overseas Chinese stand-up comedy club and production platform. In addition to Chinese-language performances, CrazyLaugh also operates English stand-up comedy to support a wide range of Asian comedians and communities. In less than two years, with over 100 events, 8000+ audience, and 17000+ online community followers, CrazyLaugh has extended beyond New York to encompass New Jersey and DC. Successful collaborations have been forged with dozens of corporations, including Google, Amazon, JPMorgan, NeueHouse, and more.


Featured Event No. 6:

One of the most popular traditional Chinese dance groups bring ancient style dances and their beautiful performance, you will have a chance to see the founder/the lead dancer who is the advanced certified ABT dancer perform this time!

Sunshine Dance NYC was founded in midtown Manhattan in 2015. In 2019, it established a branch in Long Island, focusing on children's dance. The American Ballet Company’s ABT exam is a designated test site. Dance courses include children's ballet examinations, Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, jazz dance, street dance, ballet, modern dance, belly dance, ancient style dance, etc. The school is equipped with professional teachers. After seven years of accumulation, Sunshine has become a well-known dance studio in the greater New York area. In addition to daily dance teaching, the studio is actively active in the Chinese art circle in New York. It is a resident performer at the New York World Dance Carnival, NPO-STEMteachersNYC Fundraising Charity Gala, 2016 North American University Large-scale Spring Festival Gala (broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV), Asian Students have given wonderful performances in large-scale events such as the 2016 American Council Annual Meeting, the 2017 Spring Festival Gala of the Chinese University North American Alumni Association, the 2017 and 2018 Columbia University Spring Festival Gala, and the 2019 New York Dance Festival. 2021 2022 Xingpai New York large-scale Spring Festival Gala, New York Fashion Week cooperation stage, etc.



Featured Event No. 7:

Other than traditional LNY games, there will be interactive games this year including music chair and more!

Featured Event No. 8:

Dating and socializing corner, find the one who makes your heart beat! There will be prizes for successful matching!

Featured Event No. 9:

Nighttime concert!

- Guest Singer #1: Adai Song is an internationally acclaimed ElectroPop singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, and music educator based in NYC/Beijing, who explores the concept of Cpop by blending the roots of Chinese/Pan-Asian music with her unique electronic touch. With 60+ million streams on Chinese platforms, Adai has had syncs in theater films, TV shows and has appeared in major music festivals in Chinese music industry since 2017. Since 2021, her performance has been welcomed by venues around NYC. She also uses the name ADÀI in the world of EDM,  specifically in slap house and deep house.



Guest Singer #2: 

Fashion Designer Xiaowu who is also a hidden music talent! His work was featured in the fashion exhibition at Culture Lab LIC last year!




Design collection for Shein:

Guest Singer #3: Brooklyn Hip Hop Artist Pook Hutsle

Behind a baritone voice, dynamic stage presence, & playful personality, Pook Hustle is earning his spot in the world of Hip-Hop. As one of five brothers growing up in a crowded Brooklyn household during the 90s and 2000s, Pook draws inspiration from the nostalgia of his childhood including anime, Hip-Hop & Neo-Soul. Including artists such as 50 Cent, Lauryn Hill, & Pharrell. His most recent album, "Hustle Mode" is a combination of his signature, classic rap delivery over “trap” infused production. Adding a new dimension to a genre we all love.






JUST PRETTY MOTION was founded in 2020 by dance enthusiasts working in a global investment bank. Most of their dances are creative C-pop modern street dance with oriental colors, integrating various styles, full of youth and mystery, and they have the most sincere love
for the stage. The dance troupe carries the glorious mission of promoting Chinese music and dance in the company's Asian Culture Festival with thousands of people.

Intro for the dance: “Lotus/LIT”
Lotus, a beautiful flower grown in China, is not only a symbol of purity in the Chinese culture, but also represents perseverance and uniqueness. The girls hope to tell everyone through this powerful dance that no matter how the world changes, you must always have the courage to be unique and be proud of your style and charm. Embrace difficulties with a cool attitude and just believe in your inner power. The song was composed by Chinese pop singer Lay Zhang.

Special sponsorship from Olala Design Store, a destination store for gifts for your loved ones!

Olala Design Store is an Asian culture-inspired design + lifestyle shop from the creative team at Kepler Mission Design. We believe that good design evokes positive emotions. So we curate and create products that are not only useful but can start conversations, inspire creative thinking, and spark joy. Our mission: bringing a little extra joy to your life with every product we ship. 


Instagram: @olaladesignstore

Facebook: @olaladesignstore

TikTok: @olaladesignstoreofficial

lunar 2024

Culture Lab x 纽约跨校校友 龙年春节大型联欢派对 






Culture Lab @ LIC














2024 只此一次


大纽约地区跨校跨行业龙年大型联欢,由长岛市最大艺术文化中心Culture Lab、西南财经大学纽约校友会、南京大学纽约校友会、海外华人美术家协会、纽约青年联谊社群爱乐呵联合举办!纽约汉服社,拉疯喜剧,Sunshine Dance,纽约吃喝玩乐群,去美国读艺术(公众号:去美国读艺术),中财校友会,中科大校友会,广外纽约校友会,纽约女神福利社(Ins:合作出品同庆!纽约女神福利社还会为大家办一场農曆過年晚宴,日期在2月18日,详情咨询社长微信号:drdavidtai。



  • 空前规模,共襄盛举:

    • 人数上限500人,结识新面孔! 

    • 艺术院校 x 理工院校 x 商科院校 跨行业校友社交

    • 跨行业社交:艺术+金融+科技+时尚等

    • 下午4点high到深夜,充分交流,尽兴而归!

  • 着装Dress Code:传统或古代着装最佳,按着装要求到场都会收到小礼物一份,最佳前三名将有额外精美奖品!

  • 互动游戏,趣味横生:

    • 击鼓传花抢椅子,破冰游戏!

    • 套圈圈,斩获精美礼物!

    • 联谊角,找到令你心动的那个TA!

    • 棋牌+桌游+麻将...比去年又多安排了几桌!应有尽有,大战一场!

  • 现场表演,大咖云集:

    • 传统书法与艺术家珠宝绘画工坊,首创微缩景观画与首饰结合

    • 拉风喜剧脱口秀,最具影响力海外中文脱口秀俱乐部创始人Rachel亲自披挂上阵!

    • 纽约汉服社华服展示

    • 中国宫廷舞蹈表演,美国顶尖芭蕾舞团ABT认证最高级别教师兼总创始人Coco亲自演出!

    • 国际知名电子流行音乐歌手,制作人,DJ阿黛献唱

    • 布鲁克林说唱歌手Pook Hustle 献唱


  • 节日美食,好吃地道:

    • 饺子、糕点、零食、奶茶、美酒...品类繁盛  



  • 2024年02月10日(周六)4PM EST开始直到深夜



  • 方式一:扫描下方二维码,添加群主报名(无手续费)

  • 方法二:点击阅读原文,或下方链接通过Eventbrite报名(含手续费) 






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