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Past Emergence Residency Artists: 2022


Parallel Exit's SUNSET CIRCUS is an original work of contemporary circus, following the story of a traveling circus troupe, discovered in their camp, taking a break between towns. After being invited to gather around the fire, the audience experiences the laughs, the loves, and the lives of this nomadic circus family as they reach iconic familial milestones. Each generation has their own story - the young coming into their own, passing the torch from one generation to the next, finding one’s place in the family, welcoming a young child, the wisdom of the elderly, and a celebration of life and survival by coming together as a family.



NOTHING FURTHER is a multimedia performance by Meridith Grundei that will take you on a generational whirlwind of a ride through the closed doors of a suburban home. This is a story about a daughter's relationship with her father. It is a story about secrets, memory, generational trauma, gender identity, the need to keep up appearances, and a veteran who lived with PTS(D) from the Vietnam War and how this affects family, the larger community, and subsequent generations.



Unbreakable Hope and Resilience


Led by Japan-origin/ NY-based composer and producer Migiwa Miyajima, "Unbreakable Hope and Resilience" is a collaborative performing art with the nine-movement musical suite played by a 17 piece jazz orchestra and a projection mapping highlighting the strength and resilience she witnessed in survivors of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.


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Daniel Tortoledo


"Once Daniel Tortoledo makes his charismatic vocal appearance, we can't help but compare him to names like David Bowie and John Lennon through his natural allure and tonality"  - Buzz Music 

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Daniel Emond

One part polymath, one part case study in chronic ambivalence, Daniel Emond is an innovative composer of Musical Theatre whose multifarious music projects include his Moby-Dick Rock-Folk-Hiphop Musical Kill The Whale: A Musical Odyssey, his upcoming solo album Mountains of Lively, and his newest Musical he's excited to be developing at Culture Lab: Such Curious Things, A Musical Trialectic exploring the Dream space through three voices: Freud, the neuroscientist Santiago Ramon y Cajal, and journalist Charlotte Beradt.
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Michael Sarian


Praised for his "unique compositional and instrumental voice" (Friedrich Kunzmann, All About Jazz), Michael Sarian is a versatile trumpeter and composer who has been dedicated to creating music in as many ways as it's listened to: from free jazz to soul and R&B, chamber jazz to prog-rock, and everything in between. During his residency at Culture Lab, Michael will be exploring the cross section between composed music and spontaneous creation with ensembles ranging from trios to 16 piece big bands.


Compound Playground


Dance duo, Chieh Hsiung and Yu-Wei Hsiao, are Taiwanese performance artists in NYC. Hsiung and Hsiao create dialogue through dance movements and the violin. Hsiung creates choreography through Hsiao’s violin movements while Hsiao dances and plays violin at the same time. 

“Compound Playground” is a project focusing on merging old-school elements into modern cultures. Hsiung is not only going to introduce the Taiwanese/Chinese folk dances, but also using their elements to connect modern dance, contemporary dance, street dance, and ballroom. In Hsiao’s musical arrangement, he will rearrange Taiwanese folk songs to Classical, Jazz and neo-soul styles.

Chieh Hsiung is a freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher.. Yu-Wei Hsiao is a crossover violinist, who collaborates with various artists, such as contemporary dancer, pole dancer, jazz musician and videographer. Hsiao also got his DMA in violin performance from Rutgers University.



“Brothers in Arms” is a devised multi-disciplinary theatre piece exploring isolation, survival, connection and intimacy between male-identifying folks, co-created and performed by @james_clements92 (he/him) and @jmg160 (he/they). Set in an undefined space during a moment of conflict and crisis, the piece, built from the wildly varied experiences of its Dominican-American and Scottish creators, unpacks shifting ideas about masculinity, memory, camaraderie and communication. The piece combines movement, dance, music, poetry, video, verbatim text and imagined language, and was originally developed at @lamamaetc.


John and I are @jmg160 and @james_clements92 (he/him) on Instagram!


Taken by Artificial Surprise (working title)

Descriptions for magic effects featuring increasing degrees of surprise factors are algorithmically generated and performed by Jeanette Andrews in an installation, exploring issues in AI and how surprise is uniquely human and crucial for consciousness.

This work is made possible by Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul  and the New York State Legislature.   


Jeanette Andrews: Magician & artist.  Site-specific/commissioned work: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Quebec City Biennial, Cooper Hewitt, Birmingham Museum of Art, International Museum of Surgical Science. Affiliate of metaLAB at Harvard.  Prior artist-in-residence: High Concept Labs, Institute for Art & Olfaction.  Praised by: PBS, the Chicago Tribune & the New York Times. 

Instagram: @jeanetteandrewsmagic
Twitter: @JeanetteMagic
Facebook: @SensoryIllusions

The ChoreoJoey Project: PLIGHT


The ChoreoJoey Project is a collective team of dancers, actors, and multimedia artists committed to the preservation and use of jazz and West African dance in harmony with narration, poetry, and storytelling in order to create new ballets with contemporary sociopolitical and historical context.


"PLIGHT" is a choreographic retelling of an artist's struggle to discover their pathway after completing their studies. 

@paljoeyisslick on IG/twitter


Past Emergence Residency Artists: 2021

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