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ARTISTS in residence

Resurgent Forms

Resurgent Forms is a project focusing on cultural rebirth. We aim to accompany the audience towards an idea of resurgence by stimulating a creative and active reflection about what comes after a period of crisis. Our work, written and performed by Vincenzo Obiso, Jaime Benavides and Robbie Parks, moves fluidly between poetry and song, and is rooted in both traditional and modern folk traditions, from Spain, Italy and England.

In this residency, we want to further develop this project and to create new pieces that help to guide ourselves, and the audience, into deeper waters. 

The project will be lyrically focused on finding solace in modern life. For instance, we have a common feeling that in crowded, global, urban spaces such as NYC, we get trapped in a tangle of temporary or virtual relations. With our work we aim to restore and inspire, for ourselves and others, the sense of an enduring, ‘evergreen’ local community, with face to face relations and a closer connection with nature. 

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