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artist in residence


Sharon Taylor

mural 82 st.JPG

A graduate from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in the late eighties, Ms. Taylor then joined a team of artists and curators at the Contemporary Art Center exhibiting internationally renowned artists’ work, changing shows every six weeks. However, she had always been drawn to working with at-risk youth, increasing when she had worked with the developmentally challenged while completing her degree. She traveled in the U.S., taught Fine Art, and eventually settled on a six-year stint teaching in the Missouri Ozarks.


Ms. Taylor moved to NYC with her young daughter in the late nineties, where she taught Activist Art in the Bronx, earned a master’s degree, and then created the art department at LIC’s own Middle College High School. Her personal artistic goals melded with her teaching vision when she became involved in JR’s Turn the World Inside Out, the Queens’ 7 Train Murals projects, LaGuardia Community College’s annual Art Expos, and now remains a member of the Center for Artistic Activism. She believes it is critical to teach the discipline of art, while providing students with the tools, opportunities and perspective to get involved.


"My residency at The Plaxall Gallery provided me with the opportunity to create work that would not have been possible otherwise. From detailed oil paintings of the gentrification effects on our LIC skyline, to the artistic representation of a climate in crisis, to the exploration of my recent experience living through the discovery of a large brain tumor and the subsequent series of surgeries. Plaxall Gallery has witnessed work about it all. I feel very privileged to be a part of this beautiful and exceptionally well-run space. Our philosophies dovetail in a way I never dreamed possible. I genuinely love being part of this team."

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