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JUNE 22, 7:30 PM EST

Live Streaming for 36 hours

Household tickets links $20:


After the success of our second season, Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre will present another original full-length evening of dance, Season III: Sleeping Beauty. We have refined our living dance film model through our partnership with 10K Productions and Lauren Woods Art.


We will be dancing live with video editing and special effects, digital and practical, from the Culture Lab LIC at the Plaxall Gallery. The show will debut at 7:30 LIVE and will remain available for viewing for 36 hours for our audiences in other regions.


Mr. Blanken's new vision of the classic Sleeping Beauty is one of healing and rebirth, unity and balance. The combination of artwork, live dance, and production streaming is captivating and accessible for viewing at home. We are excited to share this living dance film as the New York theatre and arts community reawaken after a challenging year.


This performance has been greatly aided by Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theatre and the Sanctuary Roosevelt Island.


Choreography by Billy Blanken AD SMDT; Concept Artwork by Lauren Woods; Costumes by Sabrina Pretto, Lydia Haug, Elaine Blanken; Production by 10K Productions.


About the Company: Billy Blanken founded Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre in 2016 as a medium for exploring movement through a socially engaged dance practice. The project creates a repertoire ranging from site-specific performance art to classical ballet. With exposure to a wide range of movement styles in his career, Mr. Blanken creates theatrical, polished, and classically informed choreography with a distinctly contemporary aesthetic. SMDT addresses the ways we relate to our bodies, selves, and the rituals of performance. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in dance theatre performance for all, regardless of economic background. Dance is a human right, and it is our joy to share it widely as possible.


SMDT has performed at Dixon Place, the Dumbo Dance Festival; the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, the Plaxall Gallery, the Peridance Capezio Center, Pennington Day, No One Can Survive Alone Benefit, The Brooklyn School of Music, the LUNGS Dance Festival, the Moving Beauty Series, The Dance Festival Lower East Side, The Hudson Guild Theatre, The White Wave Solo/Duo Festival, NACHMO, The Actors Fund Art's Center, Triskellion Arts, The Queensboro Dance Festival, and Greenspace Studio among others. In August of 2019, Mr. Blanken presented his first full-length evening at the Queens Theatre in the Park. For his second season in December of 2020, he created an original contemporary Nutcracker.


Sheep Meadow Dance theatre presents
season III: Sleeping Beauty

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