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We Are

Fashion Exhibition & Runway

by NY Chinese Designers & Artists

from Parsons, FIT, Pratt, SVA and NYU


Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 1, 2-10:30pm

Exhibition on View: ​October1- 9

Register here for free tickets.

We are our own temple.

Throughout history, across nearly all religions and cultures, there has always been the concept of a temple, a place to contemplate the purpose and meaning of life. Though we may not be religious or go to a physical temple, as artists and designers we draw inspiration from the “temple” of our inner selves to bring imagination and beauty into creation.

This exhibition will feature artwork and fashion collections from emerging Chinese artisans. The audience will have the opportunity to explore these artisan’s inner selves or “temples” by learning about the inspirations behind their artistic expression.


The main mission of this exhibition is to create more exposure for NY based Chinese artists in order to celebrate their culture and educate the public about their heritage.


This exhibition will represent diversity, inclusivity, cross-cultural values and faith. Through this unique visual and culture experience, visitors will be invited to reflect and explore their own internal temples during the exhibition.


Special Thanks To:

New School Chinese students and scholars Association (Sponsor)

Pratt Chinese Scholars and Students Association

SVA Chinese Students Organization

FIT Chinese Scholars and Students Association

The BLANC Art Space


Velvet.Co International

Studio N

Sunshine Dance NYC

Kola Superdeep(Shen Zhen)Fashion Product Design Ltd

Kepler Mission Design

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