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We Are

Fashion Exhibition & Runway

by NY Chinese Designers & Artists

from Parsons, FIT, Pratt, SVA and NYU


Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 1, 2-10:30pm

Exhibition on View: ​October1- 9

We are our own temple.

Throughout history, across nearly all religions and cultures, there has always been the concept of a temple, a place to contemplate the purpose and meaning of life. Though we may not be religious or go to a physical temple, as artists and designers we draw inspiration from the “temple” of our inner selves to bring imagination and beauty into creation.

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This exhibition will feature artwork and fashion collections from emerging Chinese artisans. The audience will have the opportunity to explore these artisan’s inner selves or “temples” by learning about the inspirations behind their artistic expression.


The main mission of this exhibition is to create more exposure for NY based Chinese artists in order to celebrate their culture and educate the public about their heritage.


This exhibition will represent diversity, inclusivity, cross-cultural values and faith. Through this unique visual and culture experience, visitors will be invited to reflect and explore their own internal temples during the exhibition.

Curator and Organizer
Jessica Rigby
Xiaowu Zheng (Co-curator)
Jingxuan Zhao (Co-organizer)

Fashion Designer & Artist
Alexix LIN
Amber Chen
Bonnan Li
Kanak Guo
Ni Ouyang @rotten_avocadoo
Roxxanne Zhao
V. Li Yixiao
Wanxuan Cao
Wanting li
Xiaowu Zheng @xiaowu_zheng_ishere
Xiia Cheng/Barbara
Yuxuan Liu
Yunyi Zhang
Zhimeng Liu
Elliot H X Jin

Digital Content Director
Haoquan Wang

Graphic Designer
Kaiwen chen
wanxuan cao

Video Music Artist
Lechang Chao

Fashion Photographer
Reiko Y.
Kanak Guo
Yifan Chang
Ruixuan Zhang

Production Consulting
Kyrie Yang

Lighting & Set Design Artist
Junri Li

Runway Music Composer
Zhiyi Wang
Haiwei Ping

Video Photographer

Runway Director
Binmi Wan

Exhibition Director
Xiaowu Zheng @xiaowu_zheng_ishere

Wanting Li

Jingxuan Zhao
Kyrie Yang
Jessica Yang
Jiaxun Li

Panel Talk
Tianyue Xing
Xiaowu Zheng
Edjo Wheeler

Dancers and Models
Sunshine Dance NYC


Pook Hustle
(Spotify @ Pook Hustle)

Sponsor: TNSCSSA
Eureka Tianyue Xing
Livy Liwen Sang
Camille Peiyang Li

Shihang Zhang
Ziyou Ma
Xinman Lu
Songbingxuan Shao
Chuyi Wang
Jianglan Li
Shuang Zhou
Yin Zhang
Siyu Cao
Kerong Xu
Ruotong Ding
Wei Lu

Special Thanks To:

New School Chinese students and scholars Association (Sponsor)

Pratt Chinese Scholars and Students Association

SVA Chinese Students Organization

FIT Chinese Scholars and Students Association

The BLANC Art Space


Velvet.Co International

Studio N

Sunshine Dance NYC

Kola Superdeep (Shen Zhen) Fashion Product Design Ltd

Kepler Mission Design

We Are
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