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Instagram: @creartboxnyc

Founded in 2013 by pianist Josefina Urraca and flutist and composer Guillermo Laporta. CreArtBox is an NYC-based music organization that builds platforms to generate live art performances and collaborate with world-class artists and ensembles.


CreArtBox presents new and traditional music repertoire in intimate concert settings and through full-scale, multidisciplinary productions that incorporate innovative visual and multimedia designs. The group’s core regularly functions as a flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano music ensemble, but holds a roster of over twenty NYC-based soloists, composers, choreographers, actors, and designers.

The organization engages and educates communities by presenting a variety of programs including CreArt Music series in Manhattan, CreArt Music Festival in Queens, the educational program CreArtED, a printed performing arts magazine, a commissioned composers program, and international touring productions.



"This residency allows us to develop ideas in a way that no other space can allow. On one hand, the unconventional space layout gives us the flexibility of creating a dialog between space and the audience that is impossible to achieve in a regular theater. On the other hand, the management team, and the open mind relationship with other artists associated with this space, generates an environment of work that empowers creativity and imagination a thousand times more than time, space and money."

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