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PRIDE 2021 celebration


Celebrate PRIDE, Together with Culture Lab LIC!

June 5, 19, 20 & 26


We have live music every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but on June 5th, 19th, 20th and 26th we have some special LGBTQAI celebrations, and we encourage you to dress up, bring your progress flags, and spend the day with us celebrating PRIDE!

There will be fabulous queer and ally performances ranging from drag, comedy, dance, live music & singing between 4-6pm, with live music from 6-8pm. 

The shows are outside, & socially distanced (masks required when roaming), and don't forget that we have a beer tent and taco truck in the parking lot!


Our art gallery is open with a special PRIDE themed exhibition. Make sure to check it out... the show is amazing!

Entry is always free but y’all know not to come to a queer production without that cash. We will fundraise for Black Girl Tutors and G.L.I.T.S throughout Pride.


Check out our line-up  for the remaining shows below...

June 26

TOGETHER: 4-6pm: 




BROAD COMEDY: If you’re looking for racy, smart, feisty comedy that comes with an edgy integrity plus satirical honesty, then BROAD COMEDY is your jam. They’ve also raised over 2 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS for Planned Parenthood!

DEMARO: One of the first openly gay dancehall artists - here comes the man dem sugah, Rudebwoydemaro!

GLO BUTLER: Featured in Timeout Magazine, seen in New York Comedy Fest, and hosts a monthly POC queer comedy show in Brooklyn  “Glo in the city”’s Glo Butler!

GOTHAM DANCE THEATRE: Gotham Dance Theater is a contemporary, street jazz and hip hop dance company based in Queens. Our "Summer Suite" is an upbeat global pop dance routine.

LEX HORWITZ: Lex Pe'er Horwitz is a queer, non-binary gender transcendent Jewish who is a LGBTQ+ Educator, Activist, Model and Public Speaker based out of Philadelphia where they live with their two senior special needs fur babies, Saboo and Lady Tooth. Lex is a passionate athlete, animal lover, cat enthusiast, and LGBTQ+ community organizer.  Their goal is to provide a judgement-free safe space for all people to engage in critical conversation about gender, sexuality, and community, and to help others live as their authentic, divine selves.

LIL YANNI: Lil Yanni is a new and upcoming artist from the Dominican Republic performing her single AGUA AGUA!


RIKI STEVENS: A singer songwriter known for a voice and her guitar is here to give you an experience of soul and grace.

YUT: Aiming to fuse popular music with classical techniques, Yut recognizes music as a language without barriers and hopes to spread his music internationally.

SWAG: Swag is a NJ based choreographer, dancer and instructor. She is currently working with several artists including Lil Yanni and teaching weekly classes online and in person. Her dancers (Anna, Arthur, David, Jarred, Jasmine, Nahomy and Riki) are also versatile artists that train across various disciplines. They are all proud allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

(A special thank you to Swag for helping us connect with so much amazing talent!)

Evening Music:


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